UFOs and UAPs

Believe or Not

Only The Facts Here

**You Decide**



Here at StclairtechR&D we are are oly here to present facts and demonstrate working machines.

We are not here to prove theories or make unproven claims.


So that being said, the question is... "Are UAPs/UFOs real?"


I suppose the answer to that is not as "black and white" as a simple yes or no.


Our position here at Stclairtech R&D is this: 

"Yes, UAPs are real. The name UAP means Unknown Aerial Phenomenon so by definition

anything that is unidentifiable in the sky, in the air, or in space falls into that catagory.

Too many people have seen too many things to dismiss them all. Still, many dismiss the whole

idea as bunk... Until they see something for themselves...

Are UAPs piloted, or controlled, by aliens is not the question, and is one for which we do not

offer an opinion. That is still too subjective to be considered a settled issue."


Below we are going to provide some photos taken near the US/Canada border in 2022.

We are not able to explain them as these 

phenomenon could not be seen by the naked eye but clearly were there and could be seen

moving in the display of a digital camera. Are they birds? It seems unlikely that birds have

somehow learned to be invisible at will...

Photos and additional info will only be added here as actual experiences may happen... So it may

a while before anything more is posted here.


Until then, decide for yourself - but please do not "flame" us for our opinions.




Click on pictures to enlarge.

The Entrance to the St. Lawrence River

Freighter coming off Lake Ontario 

UAP not seen with naked eye.

Evening falls. This UAP was moving left to right but was ONLY seen on the camera's LCD screen.

Not visible with the naked eye!

After the UAP moved out of frame a swarm appeared, but again it was not visible to the eye, only the camera.

UAP hovering as ships prepare to pass.

Not visible with the naked eye!

UAP "cloaking" (top) and "gone" in bottom picture.

Caught only on camera!

UAP reappears directly over Canadian Coast Guard vessel and hovers while ships pass.

Still not visible with the naked eye!

UAP off the stern of a petroleum tanker.

Barely visible only on camera.

Just to show that "known" aerial objects are easily identified as well proving the camera's resolution was not causing digital "artifacts".