Trammel engine


upgraded "v2"


The Trammel Engine Version 2 (Trammel v2) Updates.

2023 was an exciting year for us! The Trammel v2 is operational and demonstrating repeatable positive linear thrust.


January 1st 2023, the v1 displayed repeatable & verified 8 to 13 Newtons of thrust. This set the tone for the rest of the year!

May, work begins on the Trammel v2.

November, the first tests began and thrust was measured. 

December, several new and redesigned components are identified as "weak spots" and they are either repaired or replaced. 


January 2024, manipulation of the internal masses is our primary focal point as we go into the new year. Improvements are made and testing shows constant improvement. On Jan 21st the v2's ability to run in the horizontal position was verified. There was no jamming and thrust was displayed but not measured. 


More updates to come...


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More to Come.

The Trammel Engine v2 aluminum discs are precision machined in house.

Bits & Pieces being prepared.

v2 speed controller.

Custom machined components.

v2 coming together.


Almost ready for action.

v2 preparing for horizontal testing.

v2 making changes.