The "Mac-Quan 1"


dr. Mike marsden

Very little information exsists about the actual Mac-Quan 1 seen in these photos.


Even less is known about the Mac-Quan 2. The information that Mike Marsden shared  publicly has been effectively "scrubbed" from the internet. He had a web site called "space port 1" which has even been scrubbed from the Wayback Machine archives.


The last 2 existing videos are on my YouTube channel, and if they are accurate representations of the Mac-Quan's abilities this would make the Mac-Quan the "holy grail" of CLIP (closed loop inertial propulsion) machines.

Unfortunately there were people who did not want this developed any further. Those people strong-armed Dr Marsden into "selling" the rights to this technology, and also placed a "gag-order" on his ability to legally speak about it with anyone. This is not conjecture but is absolute fact. It happened shortly after Dr Marsden filed paperwork with the US federal government to obtain a US patent and also to conuct test flights of aircraft powered by his Mac-Quan design.

The idea of silent planes with no heat signature in the hands of a private industry was not acceptable to certain parties, and is most likely still not acceptable to them.


A small number of people who have some limited first-hand knowledge of the Mac-Quan have tried to replicate it. Most have totally failed in their attempts. We hope to change that!

Mike Marsden with his Mac-Quan 1

The Mac-Quan 1...

For many years this has been the

"holy grail" of

Closed Loop Inertial Propulsion (CLIP).