Trammel engine
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The Trammel Engine Version 1 (Trammel v1) project is basically complete.

Thrust is being measured up to 15lbs, with a constant thrust varying slightly above and below 10lbs. The internal components of the Trammel v1 are "at limit" to produce the measured thrust. This combined with the "industrial heft" (about 350lbs) has prompted us to fabricate a replication we are calling the Trammel v2. It is using a lot of aluminum and structural steel instead of the very heavy mild steel. More photos to come and the v2 will eventually have its own page here on this platform. Check out some videos on our YouTube and Bitchute channels. Copy and paste the addresses below, or use the "videos" link at the top of this page.

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The Trammel Engine is the only project we are working on that is not open source.

We can only disclose and show a small portion of the Trammel.

The Trammel uses some pretty substantial components with some serious heft to them. These are 1/2" (12.5mm) thick steel plates.

The drive motor was upgraded to a 48 volt brushless 1800 watt motor actually designed for go-karts and dirt bikes.

This was an early drive component which was later replaced with an updated design.

There have been many precision made custom components like this one which were actually never used...

We have disgarded many parts and broke a lot of pieces too.

Another part not used...

Used, or not, there are a LOT of parts in this one!