Linear oscillation - Linear Thrust

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The Linear Oscillator Linear Accelerator project was actually only designed to be a moving visual aid for us to envision some of the "over-center" movements needed in the Trammel Engine.

Here we see the PIE 4 system assembly, on its heavy-duty framework.

The excessivly heavy build of the PIE 4 system's framework lends itself well to alternate experimentation.

The "wheels" (automotive flywheels) can be placed close together so that one wheel can drive the other.

A bottom view illustrates the use of heavy steel as the framework, and the heavy roller chain used to connect the wheels to the motor.

Stripped down and set-up for counder rotating wheels.

Many designs and individual components can safely be experimented with, and evaluated.

Alternate designs can easily be fabricated and tested with minimal wasting of valuable time and material cost.

No "virtual" environment here!

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